Tarantula Trek

date: 2022
agency: vistaworks
role(s): UI/UX, designer, & developer
La Junta, Colorado is home to one of the greatest tarantula mating events in the United States. They needed a micro site that had all information visitors may need while visiting or deciding to visit. This had to live on their current site, which is built on Wordpress.


To keep things simple, I decided on a one-page layout using anchor links for the tarantula menu. The thought behind using one page for a few reasons: 1. Lack of technical knowledge meant everything had to be as simple as possible to edit, but not breakable. Keeping this to one page and only allowing the press section to be edited lowered the risk of something going wrong after handoff. 2. Users may be visiting the site while out looking for tarantulas, which means lack of cell service in a lot of areas. With one page, users could load all of the information while in service, then not worry about having to click away while out of service.   

This project was grant-funded but didn’t have a huge budget at all. Because of that and the tight timeline, I did a quick wireframe and prototype in Figma to show the client the basic layout and how the menu would work. This was approved so no further mockups or prototypes were needed.

View the live site.

View the prototype:

View the wireframe: