Royal Gorge Region

date: 2022
agency: vistaworks
role(s): creative director, designer, copywriter
The Royal Gorge Region in Colorado is home to the highest suspension bridge in the United States. But more than that, there’s endless opportunites for outdoor recreation. The unique location of the area in south-central Colorado means over 250 days of sunshine a year and all-season fun. They needed a campaign that brought tourists in during the “shoulder season,” or Spring and Fall. To debut the campaign they wanted a logo refresh that conveyed the warm climate and welcoming vibe of the region. I created the Off-Season? It’s On. digital campaign to let potential visitors know there is no off-season in the Royal Gorge Region; adventure is year-round.

With the brand refresh, I updated the logo, created a brand voice, and wrote new brand messaging that supports the campaign. The brand refresh is currently being rolled out.  

  • Creative Direction
  • Branding - voice, style, imagery, identity, typography, color palette